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The biggest tech news of the week, month and possibly year came yesterday as Apple unveiled three new iPhone designs, the new iOS and, what could be the biggest game-changer of them all, the Apple Watch.

Being tech AND real estate-obsessed, we started coming up with some realistic applications for Apple’s latest gadget for homebuyers, brokers and anyone involved in the real estate game.

Have a look at the nine most exciting potential uses of the Apple Watch in real estate below…

1. Do you really heart that home?

Apple Watch real estate heart Photo: Krystal Chu/Flickr

With the Apple Watch’s built in heart rate sensor, you can monitor your body’s reaction to different homes you view during your hunt. Is your heart palpitating after setting foot into a potential dream home? You could get biometric proof to back it up.

2. Instant notifications on nearby open houses and homes for sale

Apple Watch real estate open houses Photo: Kent Kanouse/Flickr

Let’s face it, you should be taking your phone out only when you need to text someone or take a photo. On the Apple Watch, house hunters may be able to get push notifications for homes for sale and open houses nearby. Think about the precious seconds you’ll save by glancing at your risk rather than grappling with your phone. They’ll add up over a lifetime.

3. Maps on your wrist? Yes please.

Apple Watch real estate maps Photo: xxmnp/Flickr

Why lug your giant iPhone 6 Plus out of your pocket or purse when you can pull up a map on your wrist? Never get lost on your way to an open house again…

4. Mo maps, mo local flavour

Apple Watch real estate local amenities Photo: La Citta Vita/Flickr

Keep that map open and check out some of the local amenities close to the home you’re viewing. It’s all in the wrist!

5. Steps to the subway? We’ll see about that.

Apple Watch real estate steps Photo: Loren Sztajer/Flickr

Is the marketing material making bold claims about the home’s proximity to nearby amenities? Now you’ll be able to see just how many steps they mean when they say “only steps to” some desirable amenity using the accelerometer.

6. Throw your tape measurer in the trash

Apple Watch real estate tape measurer Photo: aussiegal/Flickr

Fitness fiends may love step-counting health apps, but they can also turn your feet into a makeshift measuring tape. If you’re trying to easily gauge the size of a space, the size of your stride and the count of your steps using the accelerometer will do the trick quickly.

7. Use it as a watch

Apple Watch real estate hourglass Photo: Francesco Lodolo/Flickr

Need help guiding an indecisive client? Track the time spent at each open house you visited to help them realize their favorite home was the one they were so reluctant to leave. It is a watch after all… Time-keeping is still its bread and butter.

8. That Apple Pay service will definitely come in handy

Apple Watch Apple Pay Photo: Apple

Get coffee for your client, or pick up flowers for the open house without a wallet or credit card using Apple Pay, the new contactless payment technology, which will be available on the Apple Watch. Users will be able to pay by Visa, MasterCard and AMEX and Apple Pay will be accepted at over 220,000 stores. Also, with companies like RentMoola out there, maybe you’ll be able to pay your rent with your Apple Watch too.

9. Wrist-bling is so last year

Apple Watch vs Rolex Photo: Tiffa Day/Flickr

Sick of all the flashy Rolex’s you see on the wrists of ostentatious brokers? Say what you want about the concept, but at least the Apple Watch is tasteful and not totally blinged out.

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