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The benefits of using your vehicle as a home: It’s affordable, you can live anywhere you want, change your surroundings as you please and there’s no property taxes.

Sound good? Then consider Truck-A-Tecture, a design concept that bills itself as “a mash-up of popular and elite cultures” and promises to “transcend the current definitions of pre-fab and mobile architecture.”

Four architecture firms out of California built four working Truck-A-Tecture structures that drove themselves to KANEKO in Omaha, Nebraska where they are currently on display:

Aero-Mobile by Office of Mobile Design

Truck-A-Tecture-2 kaneko-truck-a-tecture-1

A scissor lift elevates the dwelling pod above the driver’s seat, allowing two walls to flip down and increase living space.

Self-Lifting Mobility Project by Mark Mack


All the components of this structure can be packed away in a small tow-able trailer for maximum mobility.

Mobile Dwelling Support Structure by Jones Partners


A sleeping area, kitchen, storage space and washing station are all include on this standard truck trailer, which is powered by four solar panels.

Pneumad by Min|Day


An inflatable living space that can easily be transported in the back of a small trailer.

The Truck-A-Tecture exhibit, which runs until August 23rd, is a dialogue on transportation, nomadism, the nature of “home” and sustainability. To find out more about the series head on over to designboom.

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