Want to save space? Adorn your home with any of these shape-shifting home furnishings that serve dual purposes.

A couch that is also a bunk bed

Couch-bunk-bed Photos: Bonbon

Buy it here.

This modest table that folds into the wall

Wall-table Photos: Resource Furniture

See? It’s practically invisible when closed.

An oven that hides inside the counter

Lift-oven Photos: Homebuilding.co.uk


A door that flips over and becomes a ping pong table

ping-pong-door Photos: Tobias Fränzel Design/Facebook

Micro-living doesn’t mean you have to give up indoor sports.

This bike rack that’s also a storage shelf

bike rack shelf Photo: Chrome

The FIXA bike shelf is available for $224.

This ottoman that’s also a twin pull-out bed

Untitled1 Photos: Overstock

Priced to sell at $580.

Or this ottoman that begets four stools!

ottoman-stool Photos: Resource Furniture

Part of a transforming micro-apartment on display at the Museum of the City of New York.

A coffee maker that hangs from your cabinets

coffee maker Photo: CoffeeFun

Saves you space on the counter and in the cupboards.

An oven that’s also a chair

Oven-chair Photos: Etsy

Yes, this is an actually thing. Unfortunately “the Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge” wasn’t mass produced (a travesty), and the only piece ever built has, obviously, been claimed.

A chair that unfurls as a ladder

ladder-chair Photos: Resource Furniture

The incredible Scala Zero chair comes in numerous wood and stain options. Order it here.

A dining table that hides a pool table

pool table dining table Photo: fusiontables

Use a cue to pass the salt.

Any sort of Murphy bed/couch system

murphy-bed Photos: BuzzFeed Central

The original space-saving furniture design.

This bathtub that has shelves for books, towels and toiletries

bathtub shelf Photos: imgur

And it’s inside the bedroom, which is another great space-saver.

And this shower head-sink combo

shower-sink-combo Photos: Julia Kononenko

More about the aptly titled “Two in One” design here.

These collapsible chairs disguised as wall art

art-chairs Photos: 44/floor

One of many pieces of transforming furniture you’ll find in The Netherlands’ De Rotterdam tower.

A lamp that holds your books and charges your mobile devices

lamp book shelf mobile device charger Photo: Flos

It may not transform, but it serves not one, not two, but three(!) unique functions. Buy it here for $1,995.

And finally, this sofa that spreads itself out into a dining room set

sofa-dining Photos: Julia Kononenko

Want even more space-saving furniture designs? Check this out.

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