In honor of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, here’s a collection of fish tanks capable of domesticating a great white — or at least a dwarf lanternshark.

Retro TV

tv fish tank-1 Photo: IanWilliamsandCo

Because a fish swimming in circles is more entertaining than most network television shows anyway.

Dog house

dog house fish tank Photo: imgur

Keep all your pets in one place.


fish tank toilet Photo: Aqua One

How would you feel about a small shark staring at you while you peed?


sink fish tank Photo: Opulent Items

Makes sense.


bathtub fish tank Photos: Giant

Yes, every fixture in your bathroom can be converted into a fish tank.

Phone booth

photo booth fish tank Photo: MyFishTank

Because what other use would one have for an old payphone?

Super Mario Bros.

mario fish tank Photo: imgur

Shouldn’t this be modeled after the Water World level?

An entire living room

living room fish tank Photo: imgur

Interior design by Princess Ariel.

Kitchen island

kitchen island fish tank Photo: Commercial Marine Displays

A great way to keep your seafood fresh.


fence fish tank Photo: imgur

Fill it up with man-eating sharks and you won’t have to worry about home security.

Coffee table

coffee table fish tank Photo: 4fishtank

Try not to spill your cappuccino and poison the fish.


fish tank floor Photo: imgur

Not really a fish tank so much as it is an in-home river. Want more rooms that incorporate nature? Right this way.

Infinity aquarium

infinity aquarium Photo: imgur

Give your fish a false sense of freedom.


piano fish tank Photo: Pinterest

Perfect for sea shanty sing-alongs.

Bed frame

bed fish tank Photo: imgur

Literally sleep with the fishes.


guitar fish tank Photo: imgur

Yeah, we have no idea what’s going on here either.

Miniature forest

forest fish tank Photo: imgur

This is just pretty.

Every room in this hotel suite

under water hotel room under water hotel room-1 Photos: Atlantis The Palm

This room in Dubai’s Atlantic The Palm looks out into the resort’s massive aquarium. And yes, it has sharks. Want more underwater rooms? Dive into this pictorial.

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