Is there a hotter design trend right now than exposed brick? No, there is not. Scroll down to find out why it’s so popular (spoiler alert: because it’s beautiful).

exposed brick-1Photo: Sotheby’s

An apartment on New York City’s Prince Street. Want to buy it? Too bad. It just recently sold for $4.65 million.

exposed brick-5Photo: imgur

Another New York City residence, this one located in Soho’s historic Puck Building. Asking price for the three-bedroom home: $21 million.

seattle brickseattle brick-1Photos: Estately

Every single brick in this two-bedroom condo in Seattle could have been yours for only $482,000. But alas, the apartment has been claimed.

red brickPhoto: imgur


exposed brick-2Photo: Diego Revollo 

Ah, but not all exposed brick need be red, as we learn from this loft in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Interior design by Diego Revollo.

exposed brickPhoto: imgur

And this rainbow room reminds us that exposed brick doesn’t need to be mono-color at all.

exposed brickPhoto: Nordes

Den-loft by Nordes. The particle board and Banksy stencil is a nice touch, we guess?

white exposed brickPhoto: imgur

Another white-painted brick space. A tad clinical, but we’ll take it.

exposed brickPhoto: imgur

Exposed brick for as long as the eye can see.

exposed brick-3Photo: domusnova

An apartment in London, England that’s currently on the market for $3,396,650. And yes, that is a real working fireplace.

exposed brickPhoto: Ehrlich Architects

Included in our outdoor room roundup, the open-concept 700 Palms Residence in San Francisco features a towering brick wall living room that opens up to nature.

exposed brick-4Photo: imgur

A relic from our loft listicle, even the excessive neon signage in this Boston apartment is not enough to draw the eye away from the alluring brick backdrop.

kitchen brickPhoto: imgur

Look at all that stainless steel. Can you imagine the amount of polish the homeowners must go through?

exposed brick kitchenPhoto: Wolveridge Architects

Red bricks and brick-shaped tiles work together to create the sturdiest-looking kitchen we’ve ever seen. Part of the Northcote Residence in Melbourne, Australia by Wolveridge Architects.

brick bathroomPhoto: imgur

You can hang wet towels over the exposed beams when you run out of rack real estate.

exposed brick-6lucky book store brickPhotos: CHANG Architects

This Singapore home is called Lucky Shophouse, named for The Lucky Book Store which used to occupy the space.

exposed brick brookylnPhoto: Spacecutter

The main floor of Carved Duplex, a rooftop addition to a brick townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Casa Olivi by Wespi de Meuron ArchitektenCasa-Olivi-interior-3Photos: Wespi de Meuron Architekten

Casa Olivi by Wespi de Meuron Architekten is a restored 300-year-old farmhouse in Treia, Italy. You can rent out the five-bedroom retreat from $5,350 to 10,700 a week.

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