Nothing says ‘living the high life’ like living in your building’s highest home.

hong kong penthosue Photo: imgur

We don’t know exactly how much this suite is worth, but we can tell you that it overlooks Hong Kong — the world’s most most expensive real estate market. So probably a lot.

london penthouse london penthouse-1 Photos: Corinthia Hotel

Amenities at the Musician’s Penthouse in London’s Corinthia Hotel include 24-hour butler service, a personal shopper and access to an “extensive private wine collection.”

HbrqVmE Coppin Street Penthouse Photos: JAM Architects

The Coppin Street Penthouse in Victoria, Australia boasts a retractable window wall in the kitchen and a glass plunge pool on the balcony.

Elysium Penthouse-1 Elysium Penthouse-2 Elysium Penthouse Photos: Grace Tower

The three-level Elysium Penthouse in Vancouver’s Grace Tower has three bedrooms, seven terraces and two private elevators that open up onto the home’s foyer. It can all be yours for only $7.9 million.

new york penthouse New york penthouse-2 Photos: imgur

In New York City $26 million will buy you a 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom penthouse overlooking Central Park.

penthouse Photo: imgur

An open concept penthouse in London’s St Pancras Chambers. Need privacy in the bedroom? That’s what the retractable wall curtains are for.

British Columbia penthouse Photo: imgur

A waterfront pad overlooking the ocean on Vancouver Island. Wave at the ferry!

beirut penthouse Photo: imgur

An entire wall of this Beirut penthouse is a window the completely opens up to the outside. Enjoy the views from the “bridge” balcony.

Landsdowne Crescent Penthouse-3 Landsdowne Crescent Penthouse-1 Landsdowne Crescent Penthouse-2 Landsdowne Crescent Penthouse-4 Photos: Sotheby’s

The Lansdowne Court penthouse in London is a space-age solarium with a rooftop garden. Buy it for $21 million.

israel penthouse Photo: imgur

Love the glass floors in this Israeli penthouse? Then you’ll dig this.

bondi penthouse bondi penthouse-2 bondi penthouse-1 bondi penthouse-3 Photos: MHNDU

The coolest feature of this penthouse along Australia’s Bondi Beach is its giant circular skylights.

2i8yMFI Photo: imgur

It’s all about the view in St. Lucia’s Ladera Resort penthouse hotel room.

NEO bankside penthouse-1 NEO bankside penthouse-3 NEO bankside penthouse-2 Photos: Knight Frank

The price tag for this 7,000-square-foot penthouse in London’s NEO Bankside development is a whopping $33.3 million.

New york city penthouse-1 New york city penthouse-2 New york city penthouse-3 New york city penthouse-4 Photos: imgur

Another New York City penthouse, this one a two-level home in Tribeca designed by Steven Harris Architects.

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