With little or no divide, these bedroom-bathrooms represent the most immodest take on the ensuite design.

shower bedroom Photo: imgur

Nothing like a cold shower to wake you up, literally, the moment you climb out of bed.

bedroom bathroom-1 Photo: imgur

And a tub beside the bed means more room in bathroom. Why not install a lavish shower.

bathroom in bedroom bathroom in bedroom-1 Photos: Contemporist

This room is part of Ecologia Montréal by designer Gervais Fortin, Montreal’s first single-family home built to Platinum LEED standards.

bedroom bathroom-3 Photo: imgur

A rustic take on the open-concept master bedroom.

open bathroom Photo: Whildify

And here we have a more minimalist design.

bedroom bathroom-4 open house Photos: imgur

This see-through shower is part of a loft conversion in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood. Trulia estimates the home’s worth at $1,768,000.

bathroom in bedroom-2 Photo: ResourceDir

The bathroom opens up to the bedroom, which in turn opens up to the outdoors. Privacy be damned, this home is about maximum exposure.

bathroom in bedroom-4 Photo: HouseIdea

Sauna, gas fireplace, glass wall — we love everything that’s happening here.

bedroom in bathroom Photo: Whildify

The bed-facing toilet might be taking the open-concept a step too far.

bedroom bathroom Photo: Ricardo Bofill Arhcitects

Spanish firm Ricardo Bofill Arhcitects designed this intimate suite in the W Barcelona Hotel.

bedroom bathroom Photo: Fresh Palace

The foliage-filled backdrop gives the impression that the bathroom is outdoors.

bathroom bedroom Photos: Wespi de Meuron Architekten

Recently featured in our post 21 homes that are doing exposed brick right, this room is part of Casa Olivi, a restored Italian farmhouse that you can rent for many thousands of dollars a week.

shower bedroom-1 Photo: FreeSharing

A clinical, space-age design from the future.

Industrial Loft Photo: Nepa Gallery

Exposed brick and exposed bathers.

bedroom bathroom-1 Photos: imgur

The bathtub-shelf combo is a clever space-saving design.

bathroom bedroom-1 Photo: Camp Jabulani

One of the Zindoga Villas in South Africa’s luxury Camp Jabulani resort.

wonderwall house Photo: Piyawut Srisakul via ArchDaily

No room is clearly defined in Thailand’s Wonderwall House, where bathrooms open up to bedrooms and bedrooms open up to the outdoors.

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