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LUCEM is breaking the architectural mold. While mainstream trends in design continue to shift away from using concrete in building facades in favor of the sleek appeal of glass-and-steel, the German company is fully embracing it.

Unlike the bleak and brooding structures of Brutalism however, LUCEM is adding a vibrant touch to the material by creating a light transmitting concrete. Bright and flashing a full spectrum of hues, the concrete creates a spectacle of light and color.

“LUCEM light transmitting concrete consists of fine-grained concrete with thousands of optical sensors embedded inside, which allow the light to transmit from one side to the other,” said Dr. Andreas Roye, owner of LUCEM.

Through a computer, or even a smartphone, the RGB-LEDs fitted into the concrete can be set to change color or intensity on demand. Music can even be synchronized with the color shifts.

Back in 2011, LUCEM created the world’s first interactive light transmitting concrete facade on a RWTH Aachen University building.

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The Udo Krollmann Corporate Center in Berlin is the latest project from LUCEM to incorporate the light transmitting concrete into its facade.




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