hong kong tower Renderings: Studio CTC

A skyscraper that does it all: grows food, harvests wind and solar energy, cleans gray water, provides mass transit and a whole lot more.

The conceptual design comes from Mexico-based Studio CTC who have envisioned two undulating towers connected by a series of skybridges. A finalist for this year’s World Architecture Festival, the futuristic plan also includes fish farms, rooftop rice paddies, an algae facade, in-building transit system (buses and trains would move through the skybridges) and underground nuclear plant to power the thing.

In which city does Studio CTC think the proposal would fit best? Hong Kong.

hong kong tower-1 hong kong tower-2 hong kong tower-3 hong kong tower-4 hong kong tower-5

Will the tower ever get built? It probably has a much better chance than any of these award-winning and far-fetched building designs.

H/t: CityLab.

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