Playtime all the time.

Hang a swing from your ceiling

indoor swing Photo: dobrusiak

‘Cause weeeeeee!

Then build a pool underneath the swing

indoor swing pool Photo: imgur

Part of France’s luxury Chalet Grande Roche ski resort.

Turn your bathtub into an interactive touchscreen


All you need is a projector and Microsoft Kinect system.

Hang your bed like a hammock

bed-hammock Photo: Deepnot

Floors are also more fun as hammocks

hammock-floor-5 Photo: IF

More ingenious hammock designs this way.

Connect floors with slides instead of stairs

indoor slide Photos: David Hotson

As was done in the three-level penthouse of New York City’s American Tract Society Building. Want more indoor slides? Right this way.

Install magical cartwheeling doors


A flick of the wrist is all it takes to open or close an Evolution Door.

Suspend your bedroom above the kitchen

suspended bed Photo: jjlocations

Think of all the fort-making opportunities that come with a floating bed.

Grow a retro garden lounge in your living room

indoor garden lounge Photo: imgur

Dude, are you high?

Build a luxury treehouse that’s only accessible by a bicycle-powered elevator


See how it’s done here.

Turn your bedroom ceiling into a giant skylight for the ultimate stargazing experience

glass igloo hotel Photo: Hotel Kakslauttanen

Or you could just book an extended stay in one of Finland’s glass igloo hotels.

Disguise unsightly power cords as doodles with this clever pencil lamp

pencil lamp-1 Photo: Michael & George

The six-foot fixture is called HB Lamp and you can order it here.

Turn your toilet into a fish tank

fish-tank-toilet Photo: Aqua One

More magnificent in-home aquarium designs here.

Make every bed, cupboard and drawer controllable via motion sensors.


It will make you feel like a Jedi.

Build a secret room

hidden-room Photos: Creative Home Engineering

You’ll be the king of Hide-and-Seek.

Turn your basement into 1980s-style video arcade

best basement Photo: imgur

More fun basement designs here.

Or a more modern Call of Duty-themed gaming room

Call of Duty room Photo: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Model your home theater after the bridge of the Starship Enterprise

star-trek-home-3 Photo: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Both this room and the one above it are part of internet mogul Marc Bell’s $35 million Florida estate.

Decorate with furniture that can be rearranged like a game of Tetris

Sofa-gif Photos: ScottJonesDesign

Learn more about the amazing Bloc’d Sofa here.

Build a glass-bottom bathroom over a 15-story elevator shaft for a thrilling view

glass-floor-bathroom Photo: Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

Step over here for more fun with glass floors.

Transform your kids’ playroom into a pirate’s paradise

pirate bay Photo:

Complete with a secret slide!

Pretend you’re a caterpillar and sleep in a human-sized cocoon

cocoon home Photo: Fast Company

The best part is the room takes up virtually zero square feet of living space.

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