fish skyscraper-1 Photos: RMJM

Architecture studio RMJM has won a design competition to build a new landmark tower in Doumen, China with their plan for a scaly 305-foot skyscraper.

Proposed for a site where two rivers meet in Zhuhai, the Doumen Observation Tower was designed in the image of a fish jumping out of water.

“The movement of water and fish can be seen as origin of the initial idea,” said RMJM architect Zhenyuan Yang. “The fish jumping gesture should symbolize the prosperity and rapid transformation of the city.”

The building’s facade will be made up of 1,400 perforated aluminum panels, which will provide shade to all the shops, restaurants and recreational facilities inside.

fish skyscraper-4 fish skyscraper-5

As the name suggests, the top floor of the Doumen Observation Tower will be home to a 360-degree view observation deck.

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