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In a time when smart home technology is gaining momentum, Canderel decided to crank things up a few notches. On July 10th, the developer announced its partnership with True Marque, the global distributor for Samsung SDS, to bring fully-integrated digital home technology to YC Condos in downtown Toronto.

The collaboration marks the first technology partnership between a real estate developer and major electronics company in Canada. Each suite will feature a Samsung Smart Door Lock that allows residents to open and lock their front doors with a touch screen or their mobile phone. There’s also a master key for residents to keep on hand as backup.

Canderel digital home

Each door lock can hold up to 20 codes, so anyone from the homeowner’s grandmother to dog walker can gain entry. For added security, the codes can be wiped just as quickly.

“There are four things that really set us apart. We focus on communication, control, security and access of your home,” said Jason Abbott, Managing Partner of True Marque. “Whether you live in a $10 million home, a $1 million penthouse or a $300,000 condo unit – 500 square feet or 1,000 square feet – it doesn’t matter, everyone still wants those four things.”

Each penthouse will also be equipped with a wall pad and door camera. This means that if the homeowner is at work and someone is at their front door, they can easily check who it is through the camera feature on their smartphone device and let that person into their unit remotely.

“The ability to have this feature as the first in Canada is great, but the even better thing is with a developer like Canderel, this is scalable,” Abbott said.

He compared the technology to what’s happening in the Asian market, where parking garages open automatically for condo residents, since there’s technology that can license-verify the plate to know the car belongs in that building. The plate number is also connected to the individual’s suite number so when the tenant parks the car, the elevator doors will already be open with the floor number pushed.

smart home technology yc condos toronto

(L-R) Rizwan Dhanji and Jason Abbott

Rizwan Dhanji, Canderel Residential’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says he’s noticed an uptick in interest among residents for this type of technology.

“I think this is where the future is for the condo market,” he said. “People are going to gravitate towards it because they want to be able to walk into their unit and have it smart. I think that’s where the future lies.”

YC Condos scale model

Penthouses will range from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet and start under $1 million.

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