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Situated at Eastern Avenue and Saint Lawrence Street, the third phase of River City is close to the core, the waterfront and plenty of different transit options such as the King and Queen streetcars, the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway.

Not only does the project by Urban Capital and Waterfront Toronto have a convenient location, but it has a whole host of convenient amenities and on-site services too.

One of the most forward-thinking services is Alfred, a simple on-site dry cleaning service. It’s kind of like having your own butler. You no longer have to lug your clothes to the nearest cleaners since Alfred takes care of all that for you. Just leave your suits, silks and cashmere sweaters in the set lockers installed in the condo and voila! Clean, wrinkle-free clothes are returned back to you up to 48 hours later.

How does it work? Alfred drivers collect your clothes and when they reach the processing plant, a picture is snapped of each item so the customer will have a full digital closet via a smartphone app.

When residents place their first order online, the system will remember the building and customer from then on so you won’t have to keep inputting your details. And once the clothes are delivered, the resident will receive a text message or app notification with the locker number and code for easy pick up. The garments also travel in a reusable bag with an ID tag.

Plus Alfred offer daily pickups and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about timing your drop-off.

It’s one of the many ways River City 3 will accommodate residents, making daily life comfortable by meeting their needs. Cyclists will appreciate ample bike storage and the parking area will even come equipped with a charging station for electric cars.

Among the on-site perks, there’s a 2,000-square foot exercise room with a yoga and pilates studio so your workout is just an elevator ride away. There’s also a guest suite for visitors, a party room and kitchen for entertaining.

River City 3 features a number of condo amenities we’ve never see before. The condo will come equipped with a work room fit for jewellers, wood workers and anyone with who needs extra space to get creative. There’ll even be a product lending library that provides residents with access to bulky tools and other implements that they might only need once in awhile.

The building will also feature a pet cleaning station and a children’s playroom, perfect for growing families drawn the to the spacious three bedroom units available in the condo.

Suites range in size from 316 to 1,663-square feet.

For more information contact 416 862 0505.

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