If you woke up tomorrow to find that you were the only person left on the planet, what would you do? For filmmaker Russell Houghten and his group of skater friends, the answer is easy… skateboard through the empty streets.

Houghten made the dream of Los Angeles commuters come true and removed every car, truck and bus from the city’s notoriously crowded freeways to create Urban Isolation, the most unique skateboard video you’ll ever watch.

“My biggest thing about moving to LA was the traffic: the traffic’s terrible. So, I was thinking, ‘How cool would it be if traffic didn’t exist?,” said Houghton.

Working in collaboration with Red.com and TheBerrics.com, Russell went about shooting scenes of some of the USA’s most congested freeways and then edited out any traces of activity, creating an almost dystopian scene.

“In the video you don’t see any cars, but when they were skating on the freeway, there actually were cars, which is pretty gnarly” said Houghten.”There were definitely some sketchy times while shooting.”

The editing process was meticulous to say the least, as hundreds of hours were spent on Adobe After Effects removing every vehicle and pedestrian from the shots.

Urban Isolation has achieved viral video status since being posted to Vimeo on July 15th, with upwards of 291,000 views.

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