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When debating between buying a resale or a pre-construction home, an increasing number of house hunters are leaning toward the latter. The numbers are certainly telling as there are a recorded $15 billion in pre-construction sales each year in Toronto alone, earning realtors upwards of $1 billion in commission.

So why do more buyers view going the pre-construction route as the smarter decision?

For anyone who claims to know a thing or two about the real estate market, the list of reasons are clear. The bigger question real estate professionals should be asking themselves is can you afford not to include pre-construction in your business?

As North America’s most powerful condo syndicate, Insider Condo Club (ICC) helps realtors incorporate pre-construction condo investments to their business model and in turn, bolster sales, land more clients and expand their sphere of influence.

The top one per cent of realtors close nearly one hundred more deals per year than the average realtor. They certainly aren’t achieving that success by working alone or ignoring the new home market.

Check out how a membership with ICC will elevate your business without having to leave your existing brokerage or share private client info:

1. It’s all about who you know! Members are directly connected with key players in North America’s development industry as well as the “who’s who” of internationally acclaimed architects, award winning designers, lawyers and billionaire financiers.

2. Build a reputation as a deal-closer. ICC will provide a platform and step-by-step guidance on how to pre-negotiate with Canada’s top developers and land unbeatable prices.

3. Take advantage of member-exclusive incentives that will have you earning higher commissions and have your clients saving with big price discounts, low deposits and rental guarantees.

4. Don’t get left out of the loop… get your name out there, bolster your brand awareness online and expand your client list with ICC’s proprietary marketing platform.

5. As a member, you’ll always be ahead of the curve with unprecedented access to exclusive projects set to take shape across North America, while other realtors are left in the dark.

6. Focus on best serving your client while ICC works diligently behind-the-scenes providing you with detailed investment reports, industry leading research and financial info.

7. Members will be automatically signed up to ICC Loyalty Rewards Programs and receive exclusive deals from corporate sponsors that include the biggest brands in the jewellery, automotive, home improvement industries, among others.

8. Win big! Members are eligible for the Grand Prize contest and can drive away in either a brand new Bentley GT, Range Rover Sport or Jaguar FX at the annual ICC convention.

9. Push for greater corporate philanthropy, as a portion of each sale is donated to Sick Kids Hospital.

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