hovercraft hotel Renderings: Koryo Tours

Behold! What North Korea’s cities of the future will look like, according to a young domestic architect.

The concepts include hovercraft hotels and a “flying house,” which is essentially an apartment inside a helicopter.

North Korean future architecture-1

Fast Company explains why the plans look like something out of a 1960s Sci-Fi film:

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, “architect” is a government job. There are no private projects, and young North Korean architects come out of school with only a faint understanding of the field as it exists outside their deeply isolated country.

The designs were commissioned by Nick Bonner, head of the of Beijing-based Koryo Tours. The question behind the series was, ‘if tourism were to explode, how could it be done sustainably?’ The answer:

Solar-powered factories.

North Korean future architecture

Wind-powered tree hotels.

North Korean future architecture-3

And “Mountain Conicals,” which pile living quarters high to reduce their footprint (the pipes connecting the buildings would house ski runs).

North Korean future architecture-2

The “futuristic” renderings are on currently on display at the Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy. For much more on the project, check out the Fast Company article here.

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