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You can’t beat London, Paris and New York. Mastercard recently released their “Global Destination Cities Index,” an annual ranking of 132 destination cities in the world and the UK capital came out on top, followed by Bangkok, Thailand and Paris, France.

Though there weren’t any Canadian entries on the top 20 list for visitors, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal all made the North American roundup of Top 10 Destination Cities by International Overnight Visitors.

Now in its fourth year, the ranking estimates the total number of international visitors to each of these cities plus cross-border spending and a breakdown of feeder cities as well (feeder cities are the most recent place from which travelers embarked before arriving at their destination).

Toronto topped the other Canadian cities on the list and came in fourth place with 3.84 million visitors for 2014. Vancouver took the sixth spot with a tally of 3.45 million overnight visitors while Montreal held the ninth position with 1.98 million.

While Toronto may have attracted more out-of-country visitors than Vancouver, travelers to Vancity spent more. Excluding airfare, overnight visitors to Toronto shelled out $2.2 billion (US) in 2014. However, they spent $2.5 billion in Vancouver. As if we needed more proof that the BC city was expensive!

How do Canadian cities compare to New York, number one among North American cities? The city saw 11.8 million visitors in 2014 who spent a whopping $18.6 billion. That puts it in second place in the world for dollars spent by travelers. London, which took number one, saw visitors shell out $19.27 billion.

Toronto was third most popular feeder city for New York (it followed London and Sao Paulo) while Vancouver ranked as the number one feeder city for Los Angeles.

For more information check out the tables below:

10 destination cities North America

10 Destination Cities Spending North America

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