Hippie vans and old-timey naval vessels are no longer the only places hammocks are hung. These days you’ll find them pretty much everywhere, from condos, to offices and even bathrooms. Want proof? Start scrolling.

Hanging over the stairs in your two-story flat

flat-hammock Photos: OODA

Part of a custom-designed home in Oporto, Portugal titled 227 Flat.

On the deck of a floating sauna

hammock sauna Photos: Saunalautta/Facebook

Because a floating sauna on its own wouldn’t offer enough relaxation opportunities.

In the bathroom

hammock bathtub hammock bathtub-1 Photo: Splinter Works

It’s not really a hammock if it’s made of carbon fiber, is it? Oh well. More bizarre bathing options this way.

In lieu of floors

hammock floor-5 hammock floor-5 Photos: IF

If you’re too lazy to make it all the way to the bed.

Also, here

hammock floor Photo: imgur

Why does that kid look so bored?! He’s got everything going for him.

Hanging from a tree like a cocoon

cocoon hammock Photo: cuckooland

Large enough for two human-sized caterpillars.

Also available in wicker

cocoon hammock-1 Photo: holidayspots4u

‘Cause wicker is wicked.

On a beach

hammock beach Photo: imgur

There’s nowhere else more appropriate.

On the slopes

alpine hammock Photo: Seora

The wooden Seora La Seora Alpine is held together by Olympic sailing rope, which means it can endure even the coldest climate.

Looks good poolside too

Seora La Seora Alpine Photo: Seora

In your corner apartment

hammock apartment Photo: imgur

Relax and enjoy the view.

As your everyday-bed

bed hammock Photo: Deepnot

Choose canvas over rope and you won’t wake up every morning with patterns in your skin.

As a dock

dock hammock-3 Photos: imgur

The perfect way to extend your lakeside retreat.

As a boat

boat hammock Photo: imgur

It’s like a flexible, double-decker canoe.

As a tent

Tentsile-1 Tentsile Photos: Tensile/Flickr

The Tentstile is a hammock-tent combo that’s (nearly) bear proof. More zany innovations for your next camping trip here.

For a small group of friends

triple hammock Photo: design-milk

No one wants to lounge alone.

From the future

weird hammock Photo: Hammacher

With a price tag of $35,000, the Petiole is surely the world’s most expensive hammock.

Filling up the abundance of space in your loft

hammock-loft hammock-loft-1 Photos: Inblun

If you’re not afraid of heights, suspend it from the 20-foot high ceiling. More lovely loft designs here.

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