250N10 mural

An outdoor mural by Banksy associate/Banksy dark double Mr. Brainwash is gracing Williamsburg rental building 250N10.

The 234-unit development by LCOR already sports a distinctive SLCE-designed glass curtain facade in blue, green and tan. However, a blank stucco wall on Roebling Street provided a prime canvas for more art, building reps told the Wall Street Journal.

The mural, which is in the process of installation, includes a nod to Brooklyn Bridge designer John Augustus Roebling and his son Charles Roebling. Mr. Brainwash’s signature “Life is Beautiful” motto in pepto pink adorns the work.

Born in Paris and based in Los Angeles, Mr. Brainwash (real name: Thierry Guetta) was the subject of Banksy’s 2010 documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” Guetta was a clothing store owner and amateur videographer who was introduced to street art by his cousin, the street artist Invader.

“Mr. Brainwash’s work tends to be a bit more about celebrities, but we wanted to make a bit of a local statement,” David Sigman, Executive Vice President of LCOR, told the Wall Street Journal. The developer is footing the bill for the installation, including the cost of labor, stencils, materials and paint. The mural stretches the entire length of the wall.

250N10 mural detail

250N10 july 18

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