It makes perfect sense that Yoo Montreal, designed by Philipe Starck, will be located in the new Griffintown Cultural Corridor. The rapidly changing area will focus on adapting and championing sites with architectural and historic significance.

Located at the corner of Ottawa and Young streets, the 20-storey condo by Chapman will be in the heart of the creative neighbourhood and the first Yoo inspired by Starck project in Quebec.

“Montreal is an extremely unique city. I don’t believe there is anything like it anywhere else in the world. And Griffintown, in particular, is an extraordinary place, an area that is born and reborn,” said Philipe Starck, the renowned designer at the helm of the firm, in the official launch announcement.

“The colourful mosaic, cultural richness, and vibrancy of Montreal and its Griffintown district provide the ideal soil for the creation of the kind of fertile surprises that Yoo specializes in – spaces and objects designed to open people’s eyes, engage conversation and spark interaction.”

Yoo inspired by Starck’s design concept for the condo is based on the architecture of the area, and will use of concrete, timber and leather to represent the three kingdoms of nature – mineral, vegetable and animal. Reflective surfaces throughout the structure will contrast against the more utilitarian backdrop. Balancing the area’s industrial past with present-day, luxury finishes, the condo will feature polished chrome and sparkling chandeliers set against concrete flooring, end-grain cut timber patchwork and shuttered concrete surfaces.

Another throwback to the neighbourhood’s heritage – there will be horse imagery and references throughout in homage to the Griffintown stables, a neighbourhood fixture.

Yoo Montreal will offer residents a choice of three design palettes for the apartments for their suites. For amenities, owners will enjoy an outdoor pool, hot tubs, fireplace-adorned terraces and state-of-the-art fitness centre. There will even be an on-site restaurant, which will offer room service to residents.

But what will the condo look like?

“I could say that within the passionate City of Montreal, we have created a passionate place for passionate people,” said Starck. To see just how it will shape up, check out the recently revealed renderings below:




Suites range from 409 to 3,191-square feet.

For more information contact 514 808 0590 or info@yoomontreal.com.

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