In case you hadn’t heard, Bosa Properties’ 36-storey University District project in Surrey City Center will be comprised of homes as dynamic as the neighbourhood itself, with flexible spaces that can be tailored to residents’ needs.

It’s all thanks to the BosaSPACE concept, which means space-saving and dual-purpose furniture throughout the homes. Like, for example, the kitchen island that transforms into a four- or eight-person dining table.

That’s right. In less than two minutes you can go from this.


To this.


University District homes will also have fold-away bedrooms, hidden guest beds and couches that can be separated and rearranged into smaller pieces or individual chairs. So, with BosaSPACE, even a one bedroom home boasts more than five unique living spaces.

Want to see the efficient features for yourself? Then we urge you to visit the University District sales centre at 13409 104th Avenue before the remaining homes are snatched up. The facility is open from noon to 5pm daily.

For more information call 604 588 5795 or visit their website here.

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