Now that you’ve gotten a chance to see the top developments in Toronto, it’s time to check out what’s causing a stir in Montreal with our roundup of the city’s hottest developments for May 2014.

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10. Onyx Condominium by Benvenuto Group


9. Castelnau Phase 2 & 3 by DevMcGill

castelnau phase 2

8. Rythme Condos by Belcourt Condos

Rythme Condos

7. Icône Condos by Metropolitan Parking Inc.


6. MYST sur le Canal by MELKILIVING

myst montreal

5. Flex Condominiums by Belcourt Condos

Flex Condos Exterior

4. Roccabella by MC Finance


3. L’Avenue Condos by Broccolini and Carttera Private Equities


2. Le Peterson by Benvenuto Group and Malen Capital


1. Xact Condos by Magil Laurentian

Xact Condos

Xact Condos has nabbed the coveted number one spot on our list! The eight-storey condo offers access to Montreal’s dynamic downtown at affordable prices that start at just $134,000.

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