109OZ Yesterday we reported that 109OZ had been approved by the Ontario Municipal Board and that the revised proposal for the Ossington Strip project did not contain any changes to its six storey height.

The 87 unit Reserve Properties project was met with resistance from members of the community since it was announced in early 2012.

We caught up with Reserve’s VP Shane Fenton to get his thoughts on the OMB decision and how 109OZ will move forward with its planning and construction stages.

Unsurprisingly, Fenton described his mood as “very happy” following the OMB ruling.

“It’s nice to be moving forward full force with the project,” he said. “We’re well underway on working drawings and we’re excited to start construction. We’re also excited to pass along the good news to our buyers who are anxious to get in to the project.”

Fenton said that the team expects to be in a position to start demolition before the end of 2014.

He also described the revisions to the project as “minor” and that, at the end of the day, working through and fine tuning specific components resulted in a plan that everyone was happy with.

Changes included some modifications to the lower elements of the building on the Ossington facade and tweaks to the rear to impact the overlook.

Fenton was also pleased that the changes to the proposal did not impact 109OZ’s floor count.

“From day one we always came in with a six storey building,” he said.

“That’s what we thought was very reasonable for the site and made sense contextually. The way we approach developments is we always like to come in with our best foot forward. We don’t come in with something much larger and negotiate until we get to where we really want to be.”

When demolition begins, you can be sure we’ll be on-site to capture all the action.

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