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When Kevin Chan and Samer Shaath, the duo behind interior design firm Nivek Remas, first stepped into the vacant, century-old yarn factory that’s to become a collection of private residences in Toronto’s west end, they decided to tell a story.

The two envisioned a vibrant couple who stumbled upon the space and wanted to make it their home. They’re a well-travelled pair who love collecting trinkets, both old antiques and modern of-the-moment fixtures. It was this particular narrative that became their main source of inspiration in designing the model suite for Curated Properties’ latest townhouse project, Lanehouse on Bartlett.

“Since it’s an industrial building, we didn’t want to be cliche and do another hard loft redevelopment. It was about finding that nice balance between industrial and modern,” said Chan. “We played with textures and the materials of things to create an interesting plan that hasn’t been seen in Toronto before.”

Set foot in the loft development’s presentation centre where the model suite lives and you’ll understand this delicate balance, pairing the old with the new.

“We really wanted that collected look. Things are really picked and chosen and then how you’re merging them with that industrial existing structure,” said Shaath. “I think that was the main marriage of the two.”

lanehouse on barlett kitchen

lanehouse on bartlett kitchen 2

lanehouse on bartlett living area

lanehouse on bartlett bathroom

He said the existing structure also helped guide the layout for each of the 13 lofts and three flats. For the finishes, residents can select from a light, medium and dark colour palette, which the designers carefully selected to create a more cohesive look. But just as their model suite suggests, with its light-toned bathroom, darker kitchen and upgraded stone floors, there’s room for experimentation.

“It was our own interpretation of the palettes, to show people that they’re not just restricted to that full package, and that they can do what they wish,” said Shaath.

And that’s not the only personal touch Nivek Remas incorporated into the stylish suite. Since they’re both about personalizing every project they work on (“down to the pillow” as Chan puts it) they decided to design and develop the grand light fixture that hangs in the living room.

“All we do is help people put together a look and make sure it’s solid from the ground up,” Chan said. “Everyone can see a nice thing and know it’s a nice thing, but it’s about how to put it all together.”

lanehouse on bartlett living room

Lanehouse on Bartlett is tucked away on a quiet laneway at 50 Bartlett Avenue in Toronto, offering a private environment that’s still not completely removed from the downtown core.

Price for available suites start from $819,900 and lofts range in size from 1,670 to 1,975 square feet. The project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

For more information call 416 900 5574 or email

Photos by James Bombales

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