lookout point scotland

Photo: Daniel Tyler via Dezeen

These days, mirrors have become the new brick. While that might sound a bit outlandish and funhouse-esque, a new lookout point that sits in a Scottish national park will make you wonder if we’ve been misusing the reflective glass all along…

Glasgow-based architecture students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler recently designed The Lookout, a mirrored hut that reflects the mountainous views in the Lomond and Trossachs National Park. The duo designed and built the project by hand during their last year of studies as part of a government-funded program, where they wanted to rethink the whole concept of a room with a view.

So the budding architects began by creating a timber-framed structure, adding in a few benches (fit for three people) and then securing on its mirrored stainless steel exterior. The end result: a lookout point that blends in with its stunning surroundings.

As the photos reveal, The Lookout would be virtually invisible if it weren’t for a small rear opening that lets visitors sit inside and absorb it all. How’s that for a secluded locale?

mirrored lookout point scotland

Photo: Daniel Tyler via Dezeen

mirrored lookout point scotland 2

Photo: Daniel Tyler via Dezeen

We hope it becomes a permanent fixture to the rolling landscape. The video below can attest to this:

Video: Daniel Tyler via Dezeen

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