The Interlace Photos: Buro Ole Scheeren

Singapore has just completed The Interlace, a massive residential complex comprised of 31, six-story apartment blocks.

Designboom explains the development’s seemingly disorganized configuration:

Blocks are arranged on four main ‘superlevels’ with three ‘peaks’ of 24 storys, while multi-story openings allow light and air to weave into and through the landscape.

Designed by Bejing-based architecture firm Buro Ole Scheeren, the hexagonal project spans more than 1.8 million square feet and is intended to be a “vertical village,” comprised of 1,040 residential units, courtyards, pools, rooftop gardens and sports courts.

Also, it’s total Instagram bait.

the interlace-1 the interlace-2 the interlace-4

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