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For many, the thought of leading a healthy lifestyle seems simple enough in theory (eat veggies, stay active) but there are many other elements that factor into a person’s overall well-being — like the green technology within their home.

When designing Harmony Village Sheppard in Toronto, City Core Developments had a goal in mind: create a residential community tailored to today’s baby boomer generation where residents can easily maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

In order to do so, the developer aims to earn LEED Gold status to ensure the building and its suites are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. This means the 29-storey high-rise will harvest rainwater for preservation and use native planting to minimize maintenance. It will also feature a geothermal system that uses renewable energy from the earth to heat and cool the building, which ends up saving tons of energy and drastically reduces carbon emission levels.

In terms of indoor air quality, residents can sleep soundly knowing that all suites will be supplied with filtered fresh air and individual heat recovery ventilators, which will be installed with energy-efficient heat pumps. Blower door tests will also be conducted to determine the air-tightness of each unit to improve the energy efficiency of the space.

Then there are the features and finishes themselves: Harmony Village will be built using materials that have virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are carbon-containing gases released into a home through a wide-range of products, including various paints and sealants.

In addition to the number of behind-the-scene green initiatives being set in motion, residents will also have the opportunity to breathe in nature quite literally thanks to the project’s green wall lounge. The innovative amenity space will feature a large “living wall” that runs pure air through the space to help residents breathe better.

Did we mention that there will also be a charging station for electric cars? The list goes on, and on… and on.

Aside from the project’s advanced green technology, residents will have access to a long-list of other wellness amenities, including on-site medical offices, a large exercise facility and public community centre. You can read more here.

Harmony Village Sheppard will be situated at 3260 Sheppard Avenue East. The developer’s sister project, Harmony Village Lake Simcoe, is located at 75 Bradford Street in Barrie and will offer similar sought-after services.

Prices for available suite start from $177,500 and units range in size from 395 square feet to 1,800 square feet.

For more information on either development call 416 493 0123 or email info@citycoredevelopments.com.

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