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How do you know that Deerhurst Lakeside Lodge is the perfect getaway spot? Visitors have been flocking to the Bracebridge site since 1896. The summer retreat has been a mainstay since Charles W. Waterhouse opened up the prime four-acre lot along Peninsula Lake to Canadians looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy the natural world.

The original lodge, only accessible by steamship, was the first major summer resort on Muskoka’s northern lakes. It was home to 18 bedrooms, a dining room, a smoking lounge and a verandah; guests paid just $3.50 a week which included three meals a day. See it here in 1906:

Deerhurst circa 1906

The awe-inspiring Canadian Shield continues to draw visitors. Skyline Resort Communities will turn the site into a destination that balances modern comforts with the rugged beauty of the region. Lakeside Lodge is the first new construction condo project at Deerhurst since the late 1980s, though the new build will pays homage to more than three generations of the Waterhouse family that cultivated the site.

Designed by Architect Richard Wengle, the 163 suites will be styled by DesignAgency. Guests will enjoy breathtaking views of Peninsula Lake and Sunset Bay and more than 700-acres of space to explore.

While the turn-of-the-century lodge drew crowds of the Toronto elite, Deerhurst has more recently become a meeting place for some of the most important people on the planet. In June 2010, Deerhurst made history as host venue for the 36th G8 Summit of world leaders, including Barack Obama, Stephen Harper and Angela Merkel. Shortly after, the property joined Skyline Resort Communities.

To learn how you can “Own the Lake,” register at to stay up-to-date on the resort. Suites start at $169,900.

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