cliff home fire-7 Photo: KTVT

A $700,000 home on Lake Whitney in Texas is being burned to the ground. On purpose. (Watch a live feed of the fire here.)

A few weeks ago a landslide ate into the 75-foot cliff that the house had been built on, and pieces of the structure have been crumbling into the lake ever since.

Bales of hay saturated with diesel fuel were placed inside the 4,000-square-foot home, and by 12pm EST on Friday, the White Bluff Fire Department lit their match.

cliff home fire cliff home fire-1 cliff home fire-4 cliff home fire-6

Why burn down the doomed home? Officials deemed it safer than pulling the home closer to land, and cheaper to clean up than it would have been had they let it fall into the lake.

NBCDFW reports that the homeowner, who is currently believed to be in Florida tending to a family matter, will be responsible for covering the cost of cleanup.

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