A couple of weeks back we brought you 17 attics too beautiful for storage, and this week we’re at the opposite end of the home checking out nine basements that, despite lacking natural light, are the absolute tops.

basement arcadePhoto: imgur

A father-son DIY project inspired by the 1980s. More photos here.

basementsbasements-1Photos: Carisa Mahnken

Pub-inspired basements are a reoccurring theme in this roundup. This particular drinking dungeon was designed by Carisa Mahnken.

basement-4Photo: imgur

The second basement tavern on our list is also the second DIY job. Click here to see the building process in pictures.

bowling alley basementPhoto: Clutch Design Studio

This basement by Clutch Design Studio looks like it was carved out of a mineshaft. But alas, it was not. It is, however, part of a lavish “courtyard” estate in Denver, Colorado called the Crescent Residence.

best basement
Photo: imgur

And here were are at the third basement bar.

underwater basementunderwater basement-1Photos: Guz Architects

From our underwater room series, the u-shaped basement of Singapore’s “Fish House” is adorned in acrylic windows that gaze out into the property’s moat-like pool.

underwater basement-2underwater basement-3Photos: Guz Architects

Another underwater basement by Guz Architects, this one part of the Tangga House in Singapore.

best basement-2Photo: imgur

So if you hadn’t figured it out by now, the winning formula for any great basement is: cue sports + a full bar. Got it?

star trek basementstar trek basement-1Photos: Line Rainville

Canadian Star Trek fan Line Rainville spent $30,000 converting her basement into a replica of the Starship Enterprise. It may not be quite as lavish as Florida’s $35 million Star Trek-themed mansion, but it’s certainly just as nerdy.

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