unfinished house-1 Photos: Yamazaki Kentaro

This three-walled home by architect Yamazaki Kentaro promotes a sort of closeness that most families would balk at.

The two-story structure with a paucity of partitions was erected in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Made primarily of wood, the home is a series of open boxes that look down onto a central living area. The designer explains that the arrangement of the boxes was determined by the structure’s surroundings.

“I positioned the angle of the central space and boxes so that from all windows the view is of trees or the sky, not the neighboring house or their windows,” Kentaro writes on his website.

So occupants enjoy plenty of privacy from their neighbors, just not from each other. Even the bathroom is left exposed, which, of course, begs the question: Was this built as some sort of architectural stunt, or do people actually live here?

The last line of Kentaro’s project description answers that. He writes:

“This house, born of long, fruitful discussions with the client creates a space where I hope the family and the building itself can grow close together.”

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