A weekend outdoors doesn’t mean you have to forgo comfort. These 13 tents are so cozy you’ll forget all about your condo in the city.

Suspended tent

Tentsile Photo: Tensile/Flickr

Tentsile Tree Tent will protect you from the wet ground, and if it’s suspended high enough, bears and other wildlife that would like to eat you.

All-in-one trailer

camping trailer campa trailer Photo: Campa

Campa’s All Terrain Trailer is fully-equipped with a stove, barbecue, shower, lights, raised sleeping platform, overhead shelter — and yes, of course — even a kitchen sink.

Twin bed

privacy bed tent Photo: Amazon

Finally! Someplace private to check your emails and update your Facebook status. What camping is all about.

Lavish camp

zarafa-camp-11 Zarafa-Camp Photos: Zarafa Camp

The 1,000-square-foot tents in northern Botswana’s Zarafa Camp each boast a  lounge with a gas fireplace and World War II hand-crank phone, which guests use to order room service. We consider this encampment to be among the most majestic indoor-outdoor spaces we’ve ever seen.

Posh pod

white pod tent whitepod-3 whitepod Photos: Magnetic Junction

Staying with the luxury theme, Whitepod is a camping retreat situated high in the Valais region of the Swiss Alps. A one-night stay in one of the 15 eco-pods starts from $323.

Teardrop tent

raindrop tent Photo: Wowozine

These teardrop-shaped tents by Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar are so beautiful we could cry.

Inflatable tent

inflatable tent Photos: Heimplanet

Forget erecting a tent with cumbersome poles and stakes, Heimplanet’s Wedge, Cave and Maverick tents have inflatable frames that make the pitching process a cinch.

Modular tent city

Decagon Link Station Decagon Link Station-1 Photo: Logos via designboom

Japanese camping company Logos has designed a series of tents, canopies and tunnels that can be connected to form a sort of camping condo development.

For the bookish type

book tent Photo: FieldCandy

You can purchase FieldCandy’s cleverly titled “Fully Booked” tent for approximately $664.


sheep tent Photo: FieldCandy

Or camouflage yourself in a grazing meadow with the sheep tent for the same price.

Camping cocoon

Cocoon Tree Bed Photos: CocoonTree

We love the aptly named “Cocoon Tree,” which, despite weighing only 130 pounds, can support up to one ton of humanity. Previously featured in our suspended rooms series.

Stand up paddleboard tent

paddleboard tent Photo: Coreban via Gizmag

The Ultimate Adventure Tent is a inflatable paddleboard with an integrated canopy, ideal for secluded, water-only-access campsites. The unit was conceived by paddleboard company Coreban and celebrity outdoorsman Bear Grylls.

Inflatable bubble tent

inflatable bubble tent Photo: Bulle d’R

You might recognize this stargazing igloo from our previous roundup of the top 7 camping innovations.

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