star trek home-11Photos: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Internet mogul and former FriendFinder CEO Marc Bell has put his Florida estate up on the market for $35 million. The 34,548-square-foot home boasts 18 bathrooms, eight bedrooms and… get excited, nerds…

A number of Star Trek-themed rooms!

Star Trek gif

Including, of course, a home theater that looks exactly like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise…

star trek home-3

And a full Star Trek-themed bar (bartender Whoopi Goldberg, unfortunately, not included).

star trek home-5

Captain Picard approves.

star trek gif-2

Not a Trekkie? There’s something for every science fiction geek in this memorabilia room.

star trek home-1

Or how about the Call of Duty-inspired video game dungeon?

star trek home-4

There’s also an arcade-style games room.

star trek home-6

As well as a pirate-themed children’s room.

star trek home-7

The sci-fi shangri-la also boasts a number of “standard” luxury rooms and amenities, from an outdoor dining room to a waterfall pool.

star trek home-8star trek home-9star trek home-10star trek home-12

Looks cozy, right?

star trek gif-3Go ahead and buy it.

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