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Independent mortgage financier MCAP hosted a seminar this morning in Toronto that explored new development trends across the GTA.

Those in attendance were treated to a huge dose of insightful data on every aspect of the market, from undervalued markets in the GTA to housing starts and completions info.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing it, the charts we’ve included below detail the fresh data available on lot values in many large Southern Ontario regions and high-rise condominium land values through the GTA. MCAP revealed the data at this morning’s seminar.

Here’s their table for lot values within regions in and nearby the GTA:

mcap values
Next up are the high-rise condominium land values through the GTA. A few things to note: The data is for the period ending June 1st, 2014 and broken down by sub-markets (Toronto West, Vaughan etc..). Values are based on gross buildable square footage.

mcap high-rise land values

And here’s how MCAP defines each sub-market:

mcap sub market delineation Data geeks, you’re welcome for making your day. For additional insight, check out MCAP’s Spring 2014 Breakfast Seminar report.

Tables and map via MCAP

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