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Our favorite hoody wearing billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has just been hit with a new lawsuit. A California real estate developer is suing the Facebook founder after a deal involving a property behind Zuckerberg’s home reportedly went sour.

The story traces back to last year when Zuckerberg bought four of the homes adjacent to his own five-bedroom residence – – a deal that cost him $43 million. The expensive venture was less of a splurge and more of a strategic move by the billionaire, who made the purchases in the interest of preserving his privacy, cutting off construction on a giant new development planned for a lot adjacent to his Palo Alto home.

Mircea Voskerician, the real estate developer who owned a share in the lot behind Zuckerberg’s home, is claiming that he only agreed to sell it to the internet mogul on one condition: that Zuckerberg connect him to hungry billionaire house hunters in California.

Well, allegedly Zuck failed to live up to his promise. So Voskerician is currently suing for breach of contract, filing the papers this month at the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Zuckerberg’s attorney isn’t breaking a sweat, telling the Mercury News that the lawsuit has no legal grounds, referencing the fact that he initially paid $1.7 million to Voskerician for the right to buy the property before officially purchasing it for $4.8 million.

What does this all amount to? Well, with Hollywood’s love for sequels we could be in for The Social Network II.

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