Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 3.24.09 PMFor 96 years, generations of families have lived, loved and grown in the homes and communities developed by Monarch. So when a new home buyer decided to propose to his girlfriend in the Tranquility sales centre last month, the developer was keen on getting in on the surprise.

While buying a homes is a giant leap for most couples, Joseph decided to up the ante, proposing to his girlfriend Natalie right in the midst of purchasing their new home at Tranquility.

“I suggested a modified Monarch email with a fake event invitation to the sales people. They loved the idea and even issued it authentically for me from their office,” said Joseph.

Surrounded by 15 of their dearest family and friends along with a team from Monarch, a shaken and excited Natalie accepted the proposal.

“At first, I was speechless,” Natalie said. “I had to catch myself, my knees went weak.”

The happily engaged couple were set to move into their new home in Tranquillity by the end of April and chose the “Serene” home model to purchase.

For those who prefer to live and love in the big city, Monarch is sprouting two new condo developments in Toronto — Riva del Lago,  and Picasso Condos, which is right in the city’s core.

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