The Academy Condos

Lucky folks that we are, we scored the chance to take a look at how the sales centre was coming along for The Academy Condos, the new project by LeMine Investments Group and Devron Developments.

Situated at Ellesmere Road and Morningside Avenue, the 26-storey condo will appeal to investors, academics and perhaps even the parents of students planning on attending the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus. As the educational institution focuses on expanding its satellite sites, UTSC is seeing runaway growth, both in enrolments and investment.

It’s a campus that’s been steadily growing for the last decade, though two years ago the school really amped up building along its northern front.

This corner of the city is seeing unique growth, especially since there’s a dearth of housing for students and university workers in the area. Currently, there’s only 769 beds for first year students on campus while the university population totals about 3,800. What’s more, the university is expecting to bring on an extra 400 students each year to the Scarborough campus, growing the full number of students to about 20,000 by the end of the decade.

There’s also Centennial College up the street as well as Centennial Hospital. If you’re looking for an investment property, The Academy Condos is pretty much at the top of the class.

But we’ve already spelled out some of the reasons for buying one of the 339 suites. If you want to see how the condo will fit into the neighbourhood, have a gander at these pictures of the sales centre, which is scheduled to open next month. It’s located at 4679 Yonge St:

The Academy Condos

The scale model on a (structurally sound) stack of books.

The Academy

Need a better sense of how the condo will fit into the community? The site plan lays it all out.

The Academy

There it is: right across the street from the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus and just off of Morningside Park.

The Academy

It’s a class act, alright.


Upstairs there will be video screens where condo buyers can get a better sense of the different layouts available.

The Academy Condos

Yes, that’s a trophy case! Agents who achieve top selling marks might win one of those shiny awards!

Suite prices start at $188,800. For more information, register online

Photos by James Bombales.

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