If the somewhat awkwardly shaped room beneath the roof of your house is used only as a storage space for Christmas decorations and old VHS tapes, well, then you’re doing attics wrong. Heed the design ideas below and start remodeling!

Scandinavian AtticScandinavian Attic-1Scandinavian Attic-2Photos: Tradition

This glass-bottom attic by Scandinavian design firm Tradition is perfect for the exhibitionist.

attic bathroomPhoto: A1 Upgrades

Look at all those skylights! There’s even one in the shower. Why didn’t you think of that?

attic-7Photo: imgur

See, attic renovations don’t even require much effort. Just clean out the cobwebs, lay down a few rugs and you’re all set.

bathroom and bedroom atticPhoto: HomeDezen

Or you can go all out, as the designers of this bedroom/bathroom attic have done. Previously featured in our roundup of 13 praise-worthy church conversion projects.

atticPhoto: imgur

It’s hard to go wrong with a light-filled room overlooking Massachusetts’ Gloucester harbor. The above attic is part of the town’s Sleeper-McCann House.

attic-6Photo: imgur

A self-contained attic apartment, complete with exposed bricks and beams. You like?

attic-2attic-4Photos: ON design partners

The attic of this cliff-side dwelling in Tokyo takes up the entire second floor. The skyward-facing windows fill the home with light without forfeiting privacy.

french atticPhoto: Chez Ric et Fer

The top floor of a quaint bed and breakfast in Northern France. Style points for the glass-exposed bathroom and obligatory skylight.

atticPhoto: imgur

A rugged barn house in Delhi, New York.

attic barPhotos: Inblum Architects

Lithuanian studio Inblum Architects gets it. The firm built this exposed brick bar into the attic of a heritage house in Minsk, Belarus.

attic-1Photo: imgur

Even if your attic doesn’t offer much as far as space goes, you can still convert the room into a cozy sleeping nook.

small atticsPhotos: imgur, imgur

The concept works even if the sleeping area is only large enough for children.

attic-8Photo: imgur

One of the most dazzling lofts we’ve ever seen, this attic apartment was once the top floor of a warehouse in London, England.

slanted ceiling atticsPhotos: imgur, imgur

More skylights and slanted ceilings — the hallmarks of any great attic.

spaceship atticspaceship attic-1Photos: rightmove

For $5.35 million, you can own this 7,000-square-foot character house in south east London. The mansion boasts eight elegant bedrooms, a music and games room and, best of all, an attic that looks like it belongs on the set of Star Wars.

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