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3D Systems turned heads and tickled sweet tooths earlier this year at CES 2014 in Las Vegas with the Chefjet — a 3D printer that quite literally prints chocolate and other edible sweets. Unsurprisingly, reporters covering the device couldn’t resist making Willy Wonka puns as they gawked at the first kitchen-ready 3D food printer.

Warn your dentist because by the end of this year, you should be able take one of these bad boys home. You’ll have a choice between the more compact Chefjet for $5,000 or its larger counterpart, the Chefjet Pro at double the price.

As the name suggests, the Pro version will pack some extra punch, allowing users to incorporate food coloring into their delicious concoctions and create elaborate colorful designs. The regular Chefjet model can only print in black or white and is restricted by its size — producing sweets no longer or wider than eight inches with a maximum height of six inches.

Both devices will be able to print sweets in all the different shapes and designs you can think of. However, chocoholics and candy lovers will have to be very patient. Chefjet is a slow worker, printing just one inch of chocolate every hour.

3D System’s Liz Von Hasseln explained to The Telegraph the technology behind the Chefjet:

“This is colour jet printing technology which means that it uses an ink jet print head. So basically it spreads a very fine layer of sugar and it uses an inkjet print head that’s just like the one that you would find in your desktop 2D printer to paint water onto the surface of the sugar. That water allows the sugar to recrystalize and harden and it forms these complex geometries.”

Want to see it in action? Check out the video from Recombu below:


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