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New York architectural firm REX has designed a conjoined headquarters for two sister media companies in the Middle East. The ultra-thin, stone-clad towers will have retractable sunshades to protect occupants from the region’s unrelenting sun.

“The geometry and overlap of the sunshades reference a traditional Arab Mashrabiya pattern, meeting the media companies’ shared desire for infusing the buildings with local iconography,” REX explains on their website.

Each retractable blind will measure 47.5 feet in diameter, and be able to be deployed within 60 seconds. When retracted, clear, floor-to-ceiling windows will be revealed, something the design firm says is “unprecedented” in the region due to the severe light conditions.

shade sequence

The sunshades on the towers’ eastern facades will be adorned in powerful LED lights, which will turn the buildings into massive media screens at night, broadcasting the companies’ content in real-time.

retractable sunshades-3

Besides offices, the towers will also include broadcast and news studios, common facilities, an auditorium, cafe, canteen, employee lounge, executive lounge, restaurant, gallery, health club and theater.

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