Do you balk at the convenience of e-readers? Not a problem. Your continued resistance to 21st century technology yields a unique design opportunity.

Bofill_266-02 001Photo: Ricardo Bofill, Taller de Arquitectura

Despite its homey-quality, this loft-style library is part of an office building converted from an old cement factory in Barcelona, Spain. The tenants are also the designers: Taller de Arquitectura.

home library loft-2Photo:

Part of a penthouse that occupies the top two stories of New York’s Dietz Lantern Building in Tribeca. You can own this library and the four rooms that come with it for $22 million.

wade davis libraryPhoto: Travis Price Architects

Who would have an overhead circular library custom built in their home? Real-life Indiana Jones and National Geographic explorer-in-residence Wade Davis, of course.

home library-1Photo: JHinteriordesign

A look at designer Jessica Helgerson’s 540-square-foot Tiny House, located on Sauvie Island in the Columbia River, just 15 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

home library-8Photo: LvivAlive

This library in Lviv, Ukraine is part of the famed House of Scientists, designed by Fellner & Helmer in the late 19th century. Today the building serves a venue for cultural, political and scientific conferences. You can take a virtual tour here.

home library crowdedPhoto: imgur

This is renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s scholarly living room. We’re suckers for spiral staircases.

home libraryhome library-4Photos: Moon Hoon

This space in South Korea’s Panorama House is at once a staircase, library and playroom for the kids. It was designed by architect Moon Hoon and previously featured in our look at the ever-popular indoor slide trend.

outdoor-officePhoto: Fernanda Marques

From our indoor-outdoor room series, Fernanda Marques’ Loft 24/7 has a glorious outdoor office and reading nook you want to sit in right now.

shed libraryPhoto: Office Sian Architecture

Staying with the outdoor theme, we’re also fond of the Hackney Shed library conversion project by Office Sian Architecture.

home library-11Photo: imgur

Vaulted ceilings? Yes, please.

home library-5Photo: imgur

The books are obviously just for show, but the color contrast is still a nice touch.

home library colorPhoto: imgur

Organizing by author is a tad uninspiring. But color-coding your bookshelf? Now that’s something.

Home library-6Photo: imgur

Spiral staircase? Check. Two stories of reading material? Check. Four legged companion? Check. Oddly placed, chest-high window? Check.

home library-10Photo: epicpoll

Again, we’ll give any room with a spiral staircase some love.

bathtub libraryPhoto: literaryninja

Because which room in the house, besides the bathroom, do you do the most reading?

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