Crazy cat person? You want all of these right meow.

Cat Wheel

cat wheel Photos: Catswall

Because most cats really wish they were hamsters.

This lifelike, $1,300 mature tree cat house

cat tree house Photo: CatsPlay

For those who are too lazy to train their cat as an outdoor pet.

Cat hammock

cat hammock Photo: Oakland Animal Services

Kitties just be hangin’.

Cat wall stairs

cat wall stairs Photo: Imgarcade

Designed by MC Escher, one assumes.

Stairway to Cat Heaven

cat stairway Photo: Amazon

Some people may call you crazy for buying a cat tower that takes up 50 per cent of your living space. And they’d be right.

The Cat’s Trapeze

cat trapeze Photo: CatsTrapeze

Mittens and Admiral Whiskers always fantasized about one day running off and joining the circus.

Cat labyrinth by Goldtatze

cat labyrinth Photos: Goldtatze/Facebook

German design firm Goldtatze specializes in turning regular rooms into elaborate cat playgrounds, complete with handcrafted perches, hammocks, bridges and scratching posts.

Cat turntable

cat scratch Photo: Suck UK

The “Cat Scratch” turntable comes with a record-shaped cardboard scratch mat that spins when your whiskered DJ rakes it with his paws.

Beach Chair

SSJ-106554 Photo: GetBullish

Your lazy cat who sleeps all day really needs a vacation.

Cat high-rise

kitty suites Photo: CatsPlay

For the feline condo developer.

Kitty Loft

Kitty loft Photo: KittyLoft

Cats appreciate an open-concept loft just as much as humans do.

Energy Pyramid

Energy Pyramid Cat Home Photo: Love Thy Beast

Like something David Lynch would buy if he were a cat-lover.

Steampunk cat tunnel

steampunk cat tunnel steampunk cat tunnel-1 Photos: Because We Can

As we previously reported, this cat tunnel was designed and built by Oakland-based design firm Because We Can for a couple’s office space.

Cat chaise lounge

cat chaise lounge Photo: Dot&Bo

Far more comfortable than a cat futon.

Sogno Bed

pet pod Photos: sasha & me

Handmade pet pod crafted from 100 per cent sheep’s wool.

Cats Attack Scratching Post

cat post Photo: TheGreenHead

Finally your cat can live out her Godzilla fantasies.

Everything in this California home

cat house Photos: Trillium Enterprises

A man in Goleta, California hired custom home builder Trillium Enterprises to turn his home into a feline paradise. After $35,000 worth of cat-approved alterations, the house is now jam-packed with spiral ramps, walkways (or catwalks, if you prefer), scratching posts, miniature stairways, crawlspaces and cushioned beds. It’s as adorable as it is crazy.

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