Repurposing unused items into useful home decor is a great way to cut down on waste and spruce up an otherwise boring room. Want to try your hand at furniture “upcycling”? Here a a few design ideas that go beyond the conventional cinder block bookshelf.

Bicycle bathroom counter

bathroom bicycle Photo: Benjamin Bullins

Because you’ve given up on exercise, not engaging home design.

Colander pendant light

colander-pendant-lamp Photo: HandiMania

The resulting illumination will give off a whimsical disco ball effect.

Horn urinals and bathroom sinks

horn urinals French horn urnials Photos: Jazzissimo Lounge

Do not attempt to play the instruments ever again.

Suitcase stool

suitcase chair Photo: Mauricio Camacho/RecycleArt

Use unwanted clothing for cushion stuffing.

Piano bookshelf

piano bookshelf Photo: Neodimn/Recycleart

Be honest, it was neglected and taking up much-needed space.

Seat belt lawn chair

seat Photo: Instructables

Who cares about motor vehicle safety? It’s almost patio season!

Barrel baby cradle

barrel cradle Photo: Good Home Design

Hey man, you got a family now. You don’t have time to bootleg whiskey anymore.

Motorcycle piston bookshelf

piston bookshelf Photo: Matt Jones/Etsy

Now you have a place to store your many copies of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”

Coffee table and chairs made from old computer and electronic parts

computer coffee table and chairs Photos: BRC Designs

Perfect for the nerdy gamer’s den.

Everything in this room at the Central Saint Martins arts college in London

scarcity is beautiful Photo: Paulo Goldstein

All the furniture and fixtures in this room, including the door, were made from trash found throughout London. Nice work, Paulo Goldstein.

Paint bucket shelving

paint bucket shelving Photo: Ohoh Blog

A quick and easy DIY project. For others like it, click here.

Adirondack ski chair

ski chair Photo:

A little something for your alpine retreat.

Clawfoot bathtub couch

Bathtub sofa Photo: Instructables

Now you have space in your bathroom to install that hammock tub you’ve always wanted.

Shopping cart study set

Shopping cart study Photo: Ramón Coronado

And you only need 25 cents to liberate the materials from the grocery store!

Umbrella coat rack

umbrella coat rack Photo: Recycleart

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest or Vancouver, BC? Then you have enough old umbrellas lying around to do this.

Bed spring note board

bed spring note board Photo: TrasyCrafter

Okay, this is neat. But what will you sleep on? The answer coming up next…

Pallet bed frame

pallet bedframe Photo: Recycleart

Rugged and sturdy.

Ladder bookshelf

ladder bookshelf Photo: Dandelion Express

Just don’t install it too high. You know, because you’ll have no way of reaching it.

Barrel bench

barrel bench Photo: ReGEARED/Etsy

Build one at your summer cottage on the lake. It doubles as a flotation device.

Bar tank

bar tank Photo:

What’s more badass than a bar in a military base? Said bar made out of an old tank. More photos of the project here.

Skateboard bench and stools

deckstool Photo: Deckstool

Come on, you haven’t actually rode on your board since you were 15.

Aluminium soda can chair

soda can chair Photos: BRC Designs

Once you tire of the chair, trade it in for many five-cent deposits.

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