A loft, by definition, is a room directly beneath the roof of a building. These large, open spaces with impossibly tall ceilings are often converted for residential living from light industrial. Barns and churches make great lofts. So do old warehouses and clock towers, as you will learn from the 19 examples below.

clock tower loftclock tower loft-1clock tower loft-2clock tower loftPhotos: Corcoran Real Estate Group

From our roundup of the top converted room projects, this striking penthouse in Brooklyn, New York takes up the top three floors of a former cardboard box factory and clock tower, built in 1915. For those interested, the loft is on the market for $18 million.

huge loftPhoto: imgur

As you can probably discern from the image above, the biggest downside to living in a home with such high ceilings are the equally high heating costs.

Turner Street loftTurner Street loft-1Turner Street loft-2Photos: Threefold Architects

This mixed-use development in London boasts two residential units, one of which is a penthouse suite with a loft-style rooftop solarium.

skylight loftPhoto: imgur

What’s the point of living under a building’s roof if you don’t have massive skylights?

Loft colorado-1Loft coloradoPhotos: TruLinea Architects

This home, by TruLinea Architects, can be found in Telluride, Colorado. The spiraling staircase is a nice touch.

white loftPhoto: imgur

Does the Cream song “White Room” immediately pop into your head too?

loft 1Photo: imgur

Exposed beams and concrete — the classic loft aesthetic.

suspended bed loftsuspended bed loft-1rooftop garden loftPhotos: jjlocations

Lifted from our top suspended rooms series, this floating bed-loft is attached to a skylight by a set of stairs which lead directly to a rooftop garden. Genius.

simple loftPhoto: imgur

Here you go: The obligatory artist’s loft.

barn loft-1barn loftPhotos: Maxwan Architects

Like we said at the top, barns are ripe for loft conversions. Maxwan Architects picked a winner with this Netherlands project.

warehouse loftPhoto: imgur

Want to call this warehouse-loft home? Located in London, it rents for about $740 USD per week, according to former tenant and Reddit user meeb.

church loft conversionsPhoto: imgur

Another common loft theme: Church-to-residential conversions. For projects similar to the above, click here.

Archi Tectonics loftPhoto: Archi-Tectonics

Part of Archi-Tectonics’ Shein Loft project in Soho, New York, this particular apartment is located on the 8th floor of the former warehouse.

boston loftPhoto: imgur

Bonus points for the pinball machines and 1970s dive bar motif.

brick loftPhoto: imgur

Exposed brick and a steel stairway — another conventional, but infinitely charming loft theme.

kitchen loftPhotos: Balance Associates

According to the architects, the home’s design is intended to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. The overhanging catwalk blurs the boundaries between the upstairs office and downstairs kitchen.

hammock lofthammock loft-1Photo: Inblun

This Lithuanian loft was once a radio engineering factory in Vilnius.

striking loftPhoto: imgur

Every loft should have a modernist’s campfire as its center piece.

sf loftPhoto: imgur

See, now this San Francisco resident knows how to make full use of a loft’s vaulted ceiling: Turn the living room into a basketball court.

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