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Photos: Mathijs Labadie

Do you live outdoors, or perhaps in a home with no electrical outlets? Not to worry, your gadgets needn’t go uncharged. All you need is Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel’s Current Table, which powers electronics while it gathers and harvest energy from the sun.

How does it work? The surface of the glass table contains a dye-sensitized solar cell. Based on photosynthesis, it uses the properties of color to create an electrical current.

“Unlike classic solar cells, these colored cells don’t need direct sunlight and are able to function under diffused light,” van Aubel explains on her website, meaning the table can work its magic indoors.

A pair of USB ports allow users to charge their phone and tablet at the same time. Speaking to Dezeen, van Aubel says charging time depends on the amount of sunlight.

“One cell needs about eight hours to fully charge a battery, and there are four cells for each USB port,” the designer said.

Unfortunately, Current Table is only prototype, and can’t be purchase for your Earthship just yet. However, if you find yourself in Italy next month, you can see the project on display at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

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