Lofoten Opera Hote Photos: Snøhetta

The serpentine Lofoten Opera Hotel, by architecture firm Snøhetta, will be built across a rocky outcrop on the Lofoten islands in Norway, just north of the Arctic Circle.

The 118,403-square-foot building will include a mix of hotels and apartments along with a spa, seawater basins, hiking resources and an amphitheater.

Lofoten Opera Hotel

According to Dezeen, the project is hoping to draw more tourists to the Lofoten archipelago, which is home to one of Norway’s 18 national tourist routes:

Stretching along an 184-kilometre (114-mile) road, the route encompasses facilities for tourists exploring the natural landscape, including the Eggum rest stop completed by Snøhetta in 2007.

Eggum, for those of you who are curious, consists of a service building within an amphitheater, a hiking trail, car park and stairs built into a gabion wall.


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