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Making the big leap into buying a micro-space? Figuring out how to streamline your life can be a challenge, especially if you have a wealth of shoes, kitchen gadgets or any collectables. We’ve put together a list of tips for getting your goods into order if you’re considering the 298-square foot lifestyle available at Smart House, home to Toronto’s first micro condos.

The project by Urban Capital Property Group and Malibu Investments Inc. will have a number of small suites available, starting from $229,900. Situated at Queen and University, the condo is steps from everything you could want out of city living.

The design of the suites is awfully clever, but you can take things even further with these easy steps. Enjoy!

The Digital Diet


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If books and magazines are cluttering up your surfaces or eating up precious shelf real estate, consider going electronic. You can download just about anything in e-form for reading on tablets or other digital devices: 1,000 books on your e-reader takes up far less space than a 1,000 books in your home! Plus, the Toronto Public Library also lets you borrow e-books as well as digital copies of magazines. If you can’t say good-bye to physical books and periodicals, that library card will prevent the tomes from stacking up too high. For movies, ditch the DVDs and consider Netflix or a Amazon Instant Video subscription.

Consider the capsule

capsule wardrobe

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Fast fashion has made it all too easy to buy inexpensive clothes frequently. But a number of style experts are singing the praises of a slimmed down closet, known as the capsule wardrobe. It’s a way of picking a set amount of attire and accessories and making do with a few choice pieces you can easily mix and match. Some have gone as far as streamlining their wardrobes into just 20 or 25 seasonal pieces. Guides suggest focusing on quality items for longer wear, choosing pieces that reflect your true style and structuring your wardrobe on clothes that easily complement the other items in your closet.

It’s hip to be square


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Though the micro units at Smart House include space-saving designs, why not further cut down on the clutter in your pantry space and kitchen cupboards? Expert organizers suggest replacing the bulky boxes your pasta and cereal comes in with air-tight jars or containers that can be stacked. Another trick? Focus on square jars – they tend to take up less space than rounded containers.

App-ly your self to a clean routine

unfilth your life

Image: iTunes app store

Get a little high-tech help for your de-cluttering routine. There are a number of options for staying on top of your chores with apps like HomeRoutines, which provides a detailed list of cleaning tasks for every corner of your home. Another option is Unfilth Your Habitat, which supplies “terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.” It includes lists of chores and lets users select a random one that takes either 5, 10, or 20 minutes.

Thinking of embracing a more focused lifestyle with less junk? Drop by the Smart House sales centre at 11 Nelson Street to get a sense of the micro condo’s layout.

For information contact 416 292 5818 or

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