plastic house-2 Photos: Paolo Rosselli

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this milk carton-shaped house is semi-translucent. Why? Because its walls are plastic.

Built in the 19th century, the 5,393-square-foot structure underwent a radical renovation between 2010 and 2013, when Italian architects Alessandro Armando and Manfredo di Robilant swapped out the conventional building materials for synthetic ones.

The original timbre structure was reinforced, insulation was added and then the walls were covered with a skin of translucent plastic panels. As Architectural Record explains, this layer promotes airflow in the summer, while keeping the house warm in the winter. The plastic envelope also reflects and absorbs light, creating different visual effects depending upon the weather and time of day.

Another inspired feature are two giant aluminum doors on rollers which open up the spacious interior to the elements.

plastic house-1 plastic house-3 plastic house-4 plastic house-5 plastic house-6

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