Has Old Man Winter overstayed his welcome? Will away the lingering cold with these open-air rooms made for summer’s warm embrace.

outdoor loungePhoto: imgur

So misty. So magical. Unfortunately you cannot purchase this Californian property as it recently sold for $2.3 million.

outdoor living roomPhoto: Ehrlich Architects

Another outdoor oasis in the Golden State. See the complete Ehrlich Architects design here.

outdoor living room mexicoPhoto: imgur

Who needs four walls when you live in a beach side Mexican villa? No one.

outdoor kitchenPhoto: imgur

Is it a kitchen, or is it a living room? Who cares, IT’S OUTDOORS!

saotaPhoto: SATO

Designed around a courtyard, this alfresco home in Cape Town, South Africa offers residents majestic mountain views. Also, serious lounge space.

central park outdoor bedroomPhoto: Aka

Want to stay in this luxury suite near Central Park in New York City? Book here.

outdoor officePhoto: Fernanda Marques

This outdoor office nook is part of Fernanda Marques’ Loft 24/7, a home that blurs the line between inside and out. More info and images right over here.

patioPhoto: imgur

Minimalist design. Lavish surroundings. We would lounge here so hard.

outdoor bathroomPhoto: imgur

You may be in nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to do your business like an animal would (or worse, in an outhouse). This bucolic bathroom is what you want.

outdoor reading nookPhoto: imgur

Your plebeian porch doesn’t hold a candle to this.

outdoor room swimming poolPhoto: imgur

An outdoor room with an outdoor infinity pool? Yes. Right now, please.

outdoor kitchen-1

Photo: imgur

Another outdoor cookery.

kitchen courtyardPhoto: imgur

Number three.

patioPhoto: imgur

Located in the Pacific Northwest, this outdoor barbecue area is perfect for hosting neighbors, which, according to Reddit and a former sale listing (the property recently sold for $6.9 million), include Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

fireplace porchPhoto: imgur

Lifted from our photo series of the finest fireplaces, this rustic room is made even more so thanks to the mounted deer antlers. You know, because nothing says nature quite like the arduous process of taxidermy.

Want more fresh air room design? Break the fourth wall with our roundup of the top 7 rooms that invite the outdoors in.

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