At 3am on September 30th, 2013, Andrew Rossig, James Brady, and Marco Markovich parachute jumped from the top of One World Trade Center in New York. Following a nearly six-month police investigation, the three daredevils, along with their lookout Kyle Hartwell, were arrested Monday, March 24th — which, not at all coincidentally, is the same day the helmet cam footage of the stunt surfaced on YouTube.

According to NY Daily News, authorities got search warrants for the suspects’ homes and discovered GoPro camera footage of the jump. It’s unclear how investigators identified the men in the first place. All four face burglary charges.

News of the arrests came just days after 16-year-old Justin Alexander Casquejo of New Jersey crawled through a hole in the WTC security fence and climbed all the way up to the spire.

Obviously site security needs to be beefed, but the WTC isn’t the only building to become the target of mischievous thrill-seekers. Just last month two young Russian men broke into the Shanghai Tower construction site and scaled the second tallest building in the world without permission or safety equipment.

One World Trade Center, or Freedom Tower, is 105 floors and 1,776 feet tall, counting the spire.

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